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About us

Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, Mootz Pizzeria + Bar features a menu created by famed six-time World Pizza Games champion, Bruno DiFabio, with authentic New York pizza and a selection of starters, salads, classic features, and old-school New York favorites alongside a full beer, wine, and cocktail offering.

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The crust is crispy, crunchy, and golden baked. At the same time, it is light, airy, and has a substantial chew to it. It is baked at 700 degrees in a domed, gas-fired, brick oven that is hand crafted in the USA.

The pizza sauce is made from vine-ripened tomatoes that are grown in the perfect climate of Modesto, California. They are produced by a family-owned cannery and are picked and packed within three hours. It has no citric acid or preservatives and is never from concentrate or processed. We de-seed and de-stem our tomatoes before adding a medley of spices, fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and grated pecorino Romano cheese.

The cheese is an aged whole milk mozzarella made in Brownsville, Wisconsin. It has a high butterfat content which makes it have a buttery, rich, and distinct flavor. New York Pizza is always made with a heavy hand of cheese. The milk used in the process is harvested daily from cows that are well cared for, and their milk has a five-star rating from the Wisconsin Dairy Board. It is known as the "finest Italian cheese that money can buy".


Longer fermentation in dough production for the purpose of making pizza has many benefits. It builds a superior flavor profile and optimizes the ability of the flour to perform to its fullest within certain styles and techniques. The most obvious results from long maturation are tasted. The pizza crust will have more of an earthy flavor and have slightly acidic undertones. An additional outcome of longer fermentation is the added carbon dioxide production by the yeast. During the extended fermentation cycle, the gases are trapped for many more hours, even days. This turns out a pizza with a large crumb in the crust giving the pizza light, airy and chewy texture.